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The gang, roadkill, and other cool stuff

At first, today was totally disappointing. It was grey, I got stood up, and I had a shitty headache that still won't go away. On these types of days, I try to forget all the things I don't want to think about and instead drive around taking photos.

My favorite of all of these is the photo of the kids sitting on the stoop of a church with their masks on. Approaching and interacting with them was surprisingly affirming because they saw me as a regular guy. I was greeted with a handshake and some suspicion but it felt pretty amazing when one of the guys told me I looked like a rapper from YouTube. I still have no idea who he's talking about, but I'm glad I reminded him of a dude. That made my day. Some of them wanted to know why I wanted to take their picture - it seems like people generally don't see their every day interactions as worthy of being documented. I think there's nothing else better to do.

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