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Freelance Photographer

Hey, my name's Andrei Brauner and I'm a freelance photographer based in Eugene, OR. I started taking photos in 2015, and since then I've traversed 40 countries and captured countless moments. I first started out documenting whatever was in front of me, but now my focus has turned towards art photography. I like to work in black and white but I don't sacrifice color when it stands out. Unusual patters, textures, and expressions interest me as unique ways to tell a story. Recently, I have progressed to staging photographs in order to tell a chronological narrative. 

I'm also seeking to collaborate with other artists and content creators to achieve a collective vision. This includes fellow filmmakers and photographers as well as graphic designers, models, etc. Other freelance photographers, welcome! Please contact me with professional inquiries below.

Phone: 541-285-3437

Instagram: @braundrei & @aandreifoto 


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